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Meet Phillippa Pratt

Mompreneur | Author | Speaker 

Phillippa M. Pratt is a prophetic voice, anointed and equipped to destroy the powers of darkness, unlock the mysteries of the kingdom and manifest light in the body of Christ. Phillippa is a visionary, entrepreneur, prophetic preacher, teacher, intercessor, motivational speaker, author, life and prayer coach and strategist. She is the founder and CEO of Life Empowerment Network and Life Group of Companies established to be a source of empowerment to the nations of the world.

Prayer Coaching

Prayer coaching sessions and courses are intensive programs that provide the fundamentals of prayer, teaching the core principles and strategies to effective prayer. This interactive course is design to help enrich and empower believers and Intercessors in developing a stronger prayer Life. Incorporating resources in each session to enhance the learning experience.


We offer sessions for ministry groups, church workshops, corporate prayer meetings, intercessory training and individual one-on-one coaching. Each session is designed to meet our clients' needs specifically; therefore, we tailor a program for each specific need.

Visualize & Strategize 21 Day Campaign (

Client Testimonials




 After each session, I am challenged to stretch, I am given strategies to put into action, and as a  result, I have a better understanding of who I  am in  Christ.

Lesley Cover

Glass Buildings

I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone desiring to grow in their prayer life and spiritually, especially because the coach has a relationship with  HolySpirit.

Hannah D


I've experienced tremendous growth and breakthrough!  I will definitely recommend prayer coaching with Min. Phillippa, goes  above and beyond to help you achieve your prayer goals

Shervon C

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